3 Ways To Pay For Your GOGOVan Booking

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Are you placing a GOGOVan booking for the first time? You may wonder “What are the payment methods that are accepted?”. Look no further! Read on to find out about all the ways that you can pay for your GOGOVan booking!

Pay by Cash

You can pay with cash! Are you used to paying with cash when making transactions? Prefer paying your GOGOVan driver the traditional way? It works! All our GOGOVan drivers accept cash payment for your bookings. This can be done after your item has been transported to your desired destination! This will include any additional manpower charges if you choose to include manpower.

However, please do make your cash payment to your GOGOVan driver when he picks up your item if your intended recipient will not be making payment for the delivery or transportation.

Use Your Credit Card

GOGOVan has recently introduced credit card payment! You can now register for a GOGOVan account and select credit card payment as your preferred mode of payment. Upon doing so, simply input your credit card information into the GOGOVan app. Once your relevant credit card information has been entered, you will be able to place GOGOVan orders and pay by credit card! 

To pay for your GOGOVan booking by credit card, simply select your credit card number in the  “Payment Method” field. Voila, you are all set!

Use PayNow or PayLah!

Do not want to withdraw cash for payment? Do you find that including your credit card information into the GOGOVan App too troublesome? PayNow and PayLah are two great payment options for you!  

With PayNow and PayLah, pay directly from your bank account. You will not even need to use a credit or debit card! Simply activate PayNow from your iBanking app or download the PayLah app for seamless and quick payments. Our GOGOVan drivers accept PayNow and PayLah as a suitable form of payment before or upon completion of your GOGOVan booking!

To do so, simply include that you will be paying via PayNow or PayLah in the “Remarks” section under “Customize Service Details”. Once again do remember to pay your GOGOVan driver if your intended recipient will not be making the payment.

How Can GOGOVan Help You?

Select the size of the GOGOVan transport vehicle that will best suit all your needs. With customisable manpower addition options, you can even choose how much additional help you require for the most savings! Furthermore, experience immediate logistical support, make a booking on the GOGOVan App and get matched with a driver within seconds! You can also reach our Customer Service Support Staff daily from 9am to 6pm at 6836 1110. With GOGOVan, experience efficient, reliable and care-free service.

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