National Delivery Champions Association Partners GoGoX to Offer Training Incentive for Platform Workers

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GoGoX and NDCA logo to signal partnership to improve driver-partner welfare and skills

This MOU kicks off the pilot training programme for platform workers to boost last-mile delivery service and improve driver-partners’ productivity and well-being at work

GoGoX to accord direct recognition to new Platform Worker Representative Body (PWRB) when it is formed

1. The National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA), an NTUC-affiliated association, has today inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with logistics platform operator GoGoX, to enhance the representation and protection of the interests of driver-partners.

2. GoGoX has been working closely with The Advisory Committee on Platform Workers, and this MOU is aligned with the recommendations by The Tripartite Workgroup on Representation for Platform Workers in July 2023. The Committee looks into strengthening protection for platform workers in three areas:

  • • Ensuring adequate financial protection in case of work injury
  • • Improving housing and retirement adequacy
  • • Enhancing representation

3. GoGoX and NDCA have announced a partnership, through an MOU, to help driver-partners improve their skills and welfare through structured training, encourage information sharing between GoGoX and NDCA, and enhance representation of platform workers through the NDCA when the new Platform Worker Representative Body (PWRB) is formed.

4. GoGoX is one of the early adopters among Singapore’s platform operators to demonstrate commitment towards the formal recognition of platform workers through the PWRB, upon commencement of legislative changes in 2024. This effectively enables the PWRB to be the legitimate voice to represent the interests of GoGoX driver-partners.

GoGoX and NDCA commit to safeguarding the interests of platform workers

5. As outlined in the MOU, the parties will collaborate to:

  • • Enhance skills development
    GoGoX and NDCA will prioritise training initiatives, including customer service, personal health and well-being tips, and safe driving practices. Ongoing training courses will be conducted to refresh driver-partners’ foundational skills, ensuring their skills readiness and relevance to address evolving customer expectations and needs.
  • • Enhance workers’ representation
    Recognising NDCA as a representative body of platform workers underscores trust in the labour-management relationship between NDCA and GoGoX. Through this representation, GoGoX driver-partners can benefit from fair negotiations for their interests, while GoGoX can leverage efficient management of negotiations, disputes and grievances.
  • • Encourage information sharing
    Both parties will engage in regular dialogues to collectively discuss trends in the platform worker economy and work together to address any issues faced by GoGoX driver-partners, as well as to support social and engagement events and membership recruitment.

6. The MOU signifies another symbolic win for NDCA as it continues to advocate for the needs of platform workers; ensuring that workers have adequate work injury compensation; improving workers’ housing and retirement adequacy; and facilitating better representation for workers.

7. The signing ceremony took place at NTUC LearningHub. The MOU was signed by GoGoX Managing Director, Singapore, Patrick Wong and NDCA Executive Secretary, Jean See. The ceremony was witnessed by NTUC Deputy Secretary-General (DSG), Cham Hui Fong; NDCA President, Goh Yong Wei and GoGoX Chief Operating Officer, Eugene Lee. Also at the event were GoGoX driver-partners, GoGoX management representatives, and NDCA leaders.

Platform workers to receive training incentives

8. Engaging in open and candid discussions from the start, GoGoX and NDCA agreed that more could be done to boost driver-partners’ confidence when interacting with customers in the delivery process. This could be from the time when drivers contact the customer to confirm the delivery arrangements, to guiding drivers to adopt a positive mindset and approach when dealing with common challenges such as in cases of delayed delivery or damaged goods.

9. This led to the collaboration with NTUC LearningHub to contextualise a one-day training programme to equip GoGoX driver-partners with relevant skills to hone their problem-solving capabilities, including their approach to effective customer-oriented communication techniques.

10. Through role playing, presentations and peer sharing, driver-partners will learn to apply the ‘CARE’ framework in customer experience, which encompasses key elements such as Contemplate – identifying customers’ experience gaps; Attend – providing positive customer experience; Resolve – escalating customer experience issues; and Enhance – improving future customer experiences.

11. To mitigate driver-partners’ loss of income when attending training and incentivise them to upskill and reskill, GoGoX will provide a one-time training allowance of $50 driver credits. Supplementing the allowance, GoGoX and its subsidiary GoGoX Energy, a fuel card programme together with Esso Singapore, will sponsor $30 fuel rebates. In addition, NDCA will sponsor one month of Association membership and provide $20 worth of FairPrice vouchers to driver-partners who attend the training programme.

12. The training programme, approved by SkillsFuture Singapore, enables driver-partners to enjoy a subsidy of up to 70% for the programme fee. Members of NDCA can also tap on Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) to defray the cost of training.

Notable Quotes

13. NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Cham Hui Fong said, “We are encouraged by the partnership between GoGoX and NDCA in supporting the platforms workers to improve their skills through training, which contributes to the development of their professional capabilities for the longer term. NTUC and the Association will continue to take action for our workers by strengthening tripartite collaboration with the platform operators and Government agencies to ensure that workers’ needs and concerns, especially safeguarding workers’ against work injury, enhancing financial adequacy, and representation of their rights, are effectively communicated and addressed.”

14. Patrick Wong, Managing Director, GoGoX Singapore said, “This MOU underscores our commitment to work closely with platform workers’ representative organisations such as the NDCA and NTUC to help advance the interests and welfare of our driver-partners. Providing them with relevant training and development will equip them with the necessary skills and capabilities to help them successfully navigate the intricacies of last-mile delivery. This initiative also helps bridge the skills gap in this sector, enabling our driver-partners to not only provide better services to customers, but also gives them a sense of pride and fulfilment for being a crucial part of an increasingly digital economy.”

15. National Delivery Champions Association President Goh Yong Wei said, “We are delighted that GoGoX joined us in signing the MOU, signifying a positive start to our collaboration in advocating the interests of delivery partners. GoGoX has made a commendable step forward by prioritising the training and welfare of its driver-partners; with the inclusion of a training allowance to motivate partners to upskill themselves while supporting their livelihoods. NDCA will continue to explore more partnerships with our platform operators in Singapore and ensure that the interests and needs of our platform workers are fairly represented.”

16. Chief Executive Officer of NTUC LearningHub, Jeremy Ong, said, “NTUC LearningHub is heartened to be the exclusive training partner in this initiative to develop and deliver training programmes, to elevate the professionalism of platform workers, while enhancing their prospects in the industry through service excellence. We will continue to work with NDCA and platform operators to curate good quality training programmes to further equip platform workers with the relevant critical core skills, so that they can thrive in an ever-evolving customer landscape, and even pivot to other job roles in the future.”