GOGOX COVID-19 Prevention Measure Updates

Notice & Events
Safety Measures undertaken during COVID-19

Due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19, we are sparing no efforts to deploy safety measurements to ensure our logistics services are as safe and hygienic as it has always been. As a responsible and caring business, the health and safety of our users and logistics drivers are our top priorities. We remain committed to providing a reliable and responsible logistics experience to our stakeholders under any cost during this challenging time.

Arrangements and Reminders for Customers and Logistics GOGOX Drivers:

・Enable flexible or contactless deliveries for door-to-door services in high-risk areas

・Distribute regular precautionary alerts to remind drivers to always have their masks on and to practice good personal hygiene.

・Provide free masks to drivers and couriers who are in need

・Limit the numbers of drivers attending training sessions or conduct trainings online

・Advise drivers to sanitise their vehicles every day, and lower vehicle windows on all trips to improve ventilation

We will closely monitor the COVID-19 development and promptly issue necessary precautions to ensure a safe work environment for our drivers and couriers as we attach great importance to their health and dedication to providing a reliable logistics experience to customers.

If you would like to know more about our region-wide safety measures and contributions, feel free to leave us a message here.