3 Key Trends of Logistics Industry in India – 2021


India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world has a great potential for growth in every sector. Logistics sector is the backbone of development and a strong and growing logistics sector indicates a healthy trend of a growing economy.

Today, the Indian logistics sector is a sunshine industry and is going through a phase of transformation. There are many theories and forecasts that have made it to the list of top logistics trends. A couple of them being

Last Mile Logistics to account for more than 50% of the Supply Chain investment as rising home delivery expectations enhance the risk of encountering inefficiencies.

The Drive towards Net-Zero : the sector should embrace low carbon operations for a cleaner, greener earth.

Low human intervention : Technology backed Logistics to remove human links and reduce the spread of any infection that can possibly hamper a link in the supply chain.

Agri-Logistics comprising of Transportation of Agricultural produce and Storage Silos are emerging in this country whose primary occupation is Agriculture.

Given below are the top 3 most relevant Logistics trends especially for Chennai in 2021

Usage of E-Vehicles 

Electric Vehicles and the companies using them for logistics will see a surge as there are many benefits to it such as and not limited to (a) Government subsidy, (b) Smaller E-Vehicles can find their way through many narrow busy Indian lanes and connect all the goods to a larger vehicle to be transported across the country, (c) Low transportation cost.

There are many new Electric Vehicle Charging Stations being set up to encourage this move. 


Amazonification’ – the disruptive outlook towards logistics. Fulfilment centers and fulfilment drivers are sprouting throughout the nation. Pan India Fulfilment drivers will see an advantage in this era.

GOGOXs E-Commerce fulfilment division, proficient in both Inter & Intra City, enables SMEs to outsource their distribution to us. This will eventually help them concentrate more on their core business, reducing large investments in equipment and staff.

Relationship Matters

GOGOX Vehicles

Shippers and Logistics Companies move from having just a transactional relationship to a strategic drivership. Ever since the pandemic began, everyone has understood the true meaning of logistics being the backbone of our economy. Instead of collaborating with multiple logistics providers for inter city, intra city, part load, full load, distribution, warehouse, and so on, shippers are moving towards to build a strategic logistics drivership with a single player and deploy all logistics responsibilities to them – from inter-city to hyperlocal deliveries. This translates to ease of transaction, single point of contact and more bonus.

GOGOBusiness offers companies a one-stop logistics solution to enhance business efficiency and maximize their profits. It’s a comprehensive solution for SMEs and enterprises with business-friendly features such as bulk booking, consolidate statement, on-time placement, dedicated account managers, etc.

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