The biggest misconceptions SMEs have about On-demand Delivery

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Managing fleet and delivery process can be a daunting job for most SMEs. This increase time cost, cost of managing fleet and need a large resource to get things done. All these will adversely affect the company growth. Therefore, to many SMEs, searching for a logistics partner can help reduce time and effort in managing unsuccessful deliveries and smoothening the delivery process.

To SMEs, on-demand delivery helps them to fulfill ad-hoc request. Yet, they doubt the service and have some misunderstanding. Let’s see what are they.

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High Delivery Cost

First thought of on-demand service is the costly delivery charge as on-demand means speedy service.

To SMEs, they are operating in an environment that every single penny is important to sustain their business. The logistics spending will simply be a cost that SMEs need to consider carefully as it can increase the financial burden.

While surging or fluctuated pricing will not happen in GOGOVan delivery service, We have standard and transparent pricing. On-demand delivery is our characteristic that guarantees customers can enjoy the fastest delivery service as soon as possible.

Unreliable service

One of the ways for SMEs to build trust with customers is to provide absolute reliable service. How can you trust a courier company which always deliver parcels late? How would you know if your items have delivered safely to the destination?


However, thanks to technology, you can now hire a van in the specific time and we promise to secure your goods can be delivered on time to the destinations. In fact, SMEs are now using now rely heavily on on-demand delivery service for customer fulfillment.

Slow response time

On-demand delivery means whenever you need to place an order, the service is available to you at anytime anywhere. However, with the ad hoc request, SEMs naturally worry if the arrangement will be too rushed and resulted in slow response time.

This is not applicable to GOGOVan on-demand delivery service.

You can place orders whenever and wherever you want. Time decision is totally under your control and flexible in order to have the most satisfying delivery experience.

We are here to solve all your moving and delivery problems. Hire a GOGOVan with an extra pair of hands now! We provide on-demand, 4-hour and same day delivery service. We can help you deliver gifts, move furniture, refrigerator, decorations, renovation tools, etc to your new home. We will provide reliable, quick and efficient services, so as to allow you the flexibility to book a van or truck on demand; or use delivery service.

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website. You can also download our on-demand app (iTunes / Play Store), and place a booking order.

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