Moving with GOGOVan – What is the trend of interior design in 2019?



New year, new thought! Now, give yourself some freshness for your home. With a new year comes new designs, decoration, now read on and get inspired the trends of interior design in 2019.

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1) Small space with small furniture

400-sq foot apartment presents more than a few practical problems. But tiny-space doesn’t mean you can’t design a stylish dream home.

First thing first, you need to prioritise and choose the most important furniture. Give up on large furniture, but use small or modular furniture to mix and match. Folding dining tables, wall-mounted shelves, storage side tables……all can make more space of your home. Also, you can use large-scale furnishing and carpets to make your living room feel roomier,and as a partition.

2) Go Green

Adding some green to your home this year!

Placing indoor plants can help to refresh your home and your mind. If you don’t have time or confidence in it, you can choose an artificial plant. Nowadays, artificial plants are high in quality, their appearances are no different from the real thing. Most importantly, you don’t necessarily require gardening skills.

3) Designed Ceiling

Get bored with the plain white ceilings? In 2019, the latest trend is to give more attention to the ceiling design. You can wallpaper and do mold covered ceilings, making a room appear bigger and roomier.

4) Natural Element

Living in a metropolitan city, seldom can we get away from the hustle and bustle. But if you designed a nature-like home, you can still refresh after a long day work.

Wooden furniture, earth-tone coloured decorations and furnishing can help create a calm atmosphere and spacious environment. Also, try to get some light colour curtains so as to allow more natural sunlight to shine on.

5) Always the Trend – Moving with GOGOVan

Trust us. Move and deliver with us. 

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