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How your business can prepare for busy Christmas time?


So, finally the end of the year is here and the fascinating Christmas time is coming to town. Many of us will start hanging beautiful Christmas tree lights, preparing the great seasonal atmosphere.  On the other hand, businesses are also preparing for the tough and busier time. They need to deal with the sheer amount of orders. Here are the three tips on how businesses can prepare well in this busy business time. Keep on reading.

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                             3 ways GOGOVAN makes your delivery less stressful

1)Special offers

Everyone is searching for Christmas gifts and places for having a festive meal.

It is important for companies to give seasonal offers or discounts and promote it through multi-channels, such as through social media, email, SMS, etc.

2)Stuff ready

Peak season requires additional staffs to deal with the sheer volume of orders.

Make sure your business has additional staffs to meet holiday demand and logistics needs.

3)Speedy delivery

Sheer amount of orders are waiting to deliver in Christmas month, especially retails, food and beverages and online shops.

It’s important to use a fast, convenient and reliable delivery service.

You need us, GOGOVAN!

We are here to solve all your moving and delivery problems. Hire a GOGOVAN with an extra pair of hands now! We provide on-demand, 4-hour and same day delivery service. We can help you deliver gifts, move furniture, decorations, renovation tools, etc to your new home. We will provide reliable, quick and efficient services, so as to allow you the flexibility to book a van or truck on demand; or use delivery service.  

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the websiteYou can also download our on-demand app (iTunes / Play Store), and place a booking order.

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