How to win his or her heart in Valentine’s Day?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is coming to town! Have you start preparing any surprises for your beloved one? If not, here are some suggestions for you.

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For Her

Romantic Type

If your girl is a super romantic type, leather flower bouquets definitely is your best choice!

Leather flowers are more eco-friendly than real flower bouquets and also bring out a special meaning for your dearly loved – “Never wither, my love to you will never die.”

Love Surprise Type

If you think sending flowers are too typical, you should surprise her in a different way.

DIY gift box is the most popular gift nowadays. You can put anything she loves inside the box and delights her! Ladies would love this surprise.

Foodaholic Girl Type

Food and flower seem so hard to connect together? If you are creative enough,  you should have thought of the “Food flower bouquets” for your foodie girlfriend.

Mix and match with chocolate, marshmallow and even with macaron and candies. Practical and economical! Win-Win!

For Him

Wine Lover

Red represented passion, romantic and Valentine. If he’s a wine lover, you can design a unique red wine is a good choice for those who love wine.

Be careful glasses are fragile and breakable, girls might need our help to deliver your gift safely!   

Love Surprise Type

Man love surprises too.

Keep excitement in love is a way to maintain a romantic relationship. Each day starts with a mystery mini present and a daily quote to keep your love in fresh.

You can put some handmade present or even candies and chocolate into each box.

Practical Type

If you’re super busy woman, DIY gift definitely is not your choice. Why not search for a restaurant and just have a romantic dinner? Fast food or fine dining? Just depends how you and loved one spend the night with each other.

Use GOGODelivery

On the day of Valentine’s Day, send him or her a surprise through GOGODelivery. You can choose 4-hour or same-day delivery and let our couriers be your extra pair of hands.

If you are a busy woman, DIY is not the best option for you. What about a stylish gift box? Pick a set of clothes, jeans, and shoes and send it out as a gift box and make him wear it on your anniversary!

Even during the lunar new year holiday, we will try our best to fulfil your delivery request.

Trust us. Move and deliver with us.

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website. You can also download our on-demand app (iTunes / Play Store), and place a booking order.

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