5 unexpected ways to make delivery perfect

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You think delivery is actually quite simple? You place an order, the couriers pick up your items and then deliver to the destination. That’s perfect delivery
What if you encounter…missing parcels or undelivered items, there are actually more troublesome than you can imagine. Before you do any delivery, it’s best to check 5 things to make delivery perfect before you plan any order.

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1) Take a picture before delivery

You can check carefully and take pictures of your items before you pass them to the courier. The pictures will act as proof if any damages happened.

2) Understand your requirements

Thoroughly understand your delivery requirements in terms of the size, weight, time of delivery, delivery charge, etc. Hence, you don’t need to rearrange another order and waste time.

3) Check cargo compensation coverage

Not every delivery company provides cargo compensation, even it does, you need to check carefully what is or is not covered. For example, fragile goods like glass and wine might not be included in the cargo compensation coverage.

If your good is not covered by cargo compensation, remember to wrap it well with bubble wraps.

4) Read T&C of delivery platforms

Read carefully of the terms and conditions before your delivery, especially for the compensation part. In case of any loss or damage, you may suffer from severe disadvantages because you may not be able to get compensation.

5) Sourcing preferred delivery estimates

Don’t get bored with the negotiation process.  If you accept the only offer you’ve quoted, you could end up wasting time sourcing another delivery company in case the only company you quote is not available.

Get at least three quotations and do extensive research, you don’t want your delivery resulting in time and money losses.

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