5 moving mistakes you should avoid

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Whether you’re moving small boxes of stuff or move to a new home, we all know that it’s easy to make moving mistakes. Let’s see which 5 mistakes we’ll overlook.

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1)Move alone 獨自搬運 


Moving is never an ability guessing game and you will easily get injured in case of improper posture. While there are plenty of situations where you can move by yourself, it can never apply to all context. But if you’re moving bulky or heavy items alone, the costs involved can be far beyond just hiring from professional movers. There are the risk of getting injuries, property damages, huge time costs and so on.

2)Avoid moving everything to a new place 


The myth of moving is: The less you have to move, the better.

You might want to throw everything into boxes first and minimise your preparation time. However, you will put yourself into a great mess when you unpacking those boxes. It’s never a healthy practice to bring along all unnecessary items that make your move cost more.

While you’re packing, try to sort items you don’t want or you’re no longer use them.

3)Use carton box to put everything in

Prepare a large amount of bubble to boxing up fragile, expensive and small items. After that, you can wrap them with cloths or towels and make them have two-layer protection. Do not try to put everything into the carton box (what mentioned in last paragraph).

4)Not comparing moving estimates

It’s a very common mistake not to ask for and compare moving pricing. Don’t get bored with the negotiation process. If you accept the only offer you’ve quoted, you could lead to pay more than you should on the moving day.

One hack is to get at least three quotations and do extensive research. Ask anything in case of any confusion.

5)Not labeling all moving boxes

Moving 1-2 boxes are still fine, what if you need to move more than 10 boxes to the new place? And what if you need to open every box but just to find out a cup?

To search things easily, you can use coloured packing tape to label those boxes.  

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