3 Outdoor Activities You Can Do In Spring

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Feel the temperature rising, new leaves are growing, flowers are blooming?  Yes, the Spring has already come.

It’s time to have a great session of bonding with family and friends to do some outdoor activities. Here are some great fun ideas: hiking and camping, barbecuing and go picnic.

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Hiking and Camping

Want a breath of fresh air and have a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city?

Many people now choose to spend their weekend for hiking and camping. Exploring the natural beauty of the other side of our living city, choose the most suitable route for hiking and you can also spend a night camping with friends and family.

For bulky camping tools and materials, GOGOVan can help you transport them to the destination.


With gentle spring breeze, it’s the best time to spend a weekend afternoon or night with family or friends to have a BBQ.

Barbecuing is far more convenient and casual now, you don’t need to buy bulks of food in advance or prepare seasoning meat, or reserve seats in country park early in the morning, etc. Nowadays, many places in town already have barbecue areas located in industrial buildings.

But of course, GOGOVan can always help to transport BBQ utensils to facilitate the logistics problems. Remember you should have goods to bring along, carrying passengers only is illegal.

Go picnic

Getting tired of shopping in malls or reading books or gathering in a cafe?

Why not change the location to a grass field? Go for a picnic and prepare some food.

Have a relaxing day to read books, chit-chatting or take instagramable photos with friends.

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