3 Industries can benefit from Same-day delivery

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In the fast-paced field of logistics, it is important for goods to be delivered on time or even earlier. Thanks to the continuous advancements in technology across all industries, a more rapid environment where same-day delivery service is high in demand. Let’s see which three industries need same-day delivery to fulfil customer needs and grow their business.

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In the past few years, E-commerce is considered as one of the biggest industries that benefit from same-day delivery. Target audiences fall into the age group between 18-34 years old, they are inclined to go for shopping in the retails that offer the same product.

To customers, apart from the product quality itself, they concern about the time of delivery. Customers want instant satisfaction. 60% of online shoppers will spend more money on those particular shops if they are sure to get their products delivered on the same day.

These reasons bolster the needs for e-commerce business to have an effective tactic that offers fast shipping.

Floral Industry

Flowers are time sensitive and easy to wither.

Same-day delivery ensures that when the floral arrangements reach their destinations, the flower bouquets are still fresh and vibrant.

Food and beverage

Similar to the floral industry, timing is everything.

After making the food order, customers are expected to receive their food as soon as possible. While restaurants need to deal with a large number of orders, they need to ensure food delivery is on time and maintain food quality.

Same day delivery helps restaurant relieve from the delivery troubles, and eventually gain the customer’s confidence and grow their food business.

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