3 Don’ts and Do’s in Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Christmas is around the corner and this is the season for the Christmas Party. No matter you’re going to participate office party or having a big night with friends and families. We’re now offering some do’s and don’ts to help avoid any embarrassment.

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1) Don’t drive if you’re drunk

Don’t think it’s old-fashioned. Every year, the number of car accident increase significantly during the Christmas period.

Of course, we understand Christmas party is a time for gathering and get drunk with a group of friends. After the excitement, be a responsible driver remember not to drive after you are drunk.

2) Don’t waste food

For convenience sake, we will order party food in the restaurant to save our cooking effort. The party food is usually based on headcount, but we suggest not to follow the listed headcount number.

To waste less, try to count 1-2 person less for food ordering. That is to say, if you have 13 persons for partying, then you can choose a set for 10-12 persons instead of 12-14.

3) Get away from your phone

Yea, Christmas is the time to upload bulk beautiful and festive photos on Instagram and Facebook. But this is also the perfect time to gather around with your beloved ones, try to get away from the phone.

Don’t take it around you for the whole night!  Try to enjoy the time with your friends and family.

1) Have an eco-friendly party

Christmas wouldn’t be festive without good food and drinks. And due to convenience, people will order food from restaurants and purchase disposable party utensils.

Try to be environmentally friendly this year! Think twice before you order food, consider the amount and headcount. Meanwhile, try to use recycling utencils instead of paper plates and plastic forks.

Also, exchanging gifts is common in Christmas party. Avoid fancy wrapping, use recycling paper such as used A4 papers, newspapers or magazine papers to wrap them this year.

2) Get prepared at least 2 weeks in advance

The party host or PIC should start searching for party location at least two weeks in advance. If the number of people is above 10, you have a number of people, you may need to book the venue before one month. It’s not joking. Christmas is the time for everyone to compete for a beautiful party room.

3) Do ask help from GOGOVan (van/ delivery)

You will have lots of Christmas tools, decorations, food and many other things to be delivered at your Christmas party place. Skip your own effort now! Ask help from GOGOVan to help deliver small to bulky items, we can also help you to move directly to your place.

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