Cargo Compensation Promise

means the goodwill compensation promise in relation to Individual Packages transported as part of the Service, as further set out and subject to the terms set out under: https://www.gogox.com/compensation/   
Channelmeans dedicated instant messaging applications
Cut-Off Datemeans 2pm on the day that is 3 days before the Pick-Up Date, unless otherwise agreed by GOGOX in writing
Deliverymeans the physical act of transfer of the Individual Package to the Recipient
Depositmeans a refundable deposit of HK$3,000 payable to GOGOX
End Date9 Sep, 2022
GOGOXGoGo Tech Limited
Individual Packagesmeans one single package with up to 2 boxes of mooncakes to one single Delivery address
Merchant means the shipper utilising the Services (which may be a natural person or legal person)
Minimum Service Requirements


  • at least 50 boxes per signed up client, at least 10 boxes in each service pickup; and
  • the surface of each Individual Package contains, in legible form:
  • one delivery address
  • one recipient name; and 
  • one contact phone number.

Non-Serviced Area


means the geographical region where logistics services cannot be provided, as further provided by GOGOX from time to time:
Tai Tam Road (Chai Wan Section), Cape Collinson Road,Cape D’ Aguilar, Mount Butler Firing Range, Fei Ngo Shan, Kwun Yam Shan, Stonecutters Island, Caldecott Hill, Tai Mo Shan, Kwai Tsing Container Terminal 1-9, Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre, Muk Min Ha Tsuen, Shing Mun Reservoir, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po Wun Yiu Road, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Ng Tung Chai, Brides Pool, Kwan Tei, Sha Tau Kok, Lok Ma Chau, Kau Lung Hang,Wo Hop Shek Cemetery, Ta Shek Wu, Hong Kong Golf Club, Tsiu Keng, Luk Keng, Wu Kau Tang, Sheung Shui Wa Shan, Ta Kwu Ling, Sandy Ridge, Pat Sin Leng, Lung Shan Temple, Palm Springs, Mong Tseng Wai, Nim Wan, Sheung / Ha Pak Nai, Shek Kong, Mai Po, Nam Sang Wai, Mui Wo, Tung Chung Road, Tai Long Wan Village, Asia Expo, Ma Wan,Hong Kong Disneyland, Artificial island, Discovery Bay, Siu Ho Wan, Frontier Closed Area, Man Kam To

Remote Area


Mount Davis, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Shek O, Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, Tai Tam, Jardines Lookout, Hong Kong Parkview, Brick Hill, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Sam Mun Tsai, Kau To Shan, Kwu Tung, Ping Che, Tai Tong, Tai Lam, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Siu Lam, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Ting Kau, Lau Fau Shan, Sham Tseng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Wonderland Villas, Lam Tei, Kwan Tei, Silverstrand, Ma Yau Tong, Fairview Park, Tai Po Kau, Tai Po Lam Tsuen, Pat Heung, Lo Wai, Tai Po Fung Yuen Road, Science Park
Pick-Upmeans the act of collection of Individual Packages from the Merchant 
Pick-Up Datemeans the date on which the Service Order is arranged for Pick-Up
Recipientmeans the person who the Individual Package is addressed to
Service Ordermeans an order placed pursuant to these Service Rules
Service Rulesmeans these service rules
Serviceshas the meaning ascribed to it in paragraph 2 of these Service Rules
Start Date15 Aug, 2022
Terms and Conditionsmeans the terms and conditions of GOGOX available at https://www.gogox.com/terms/

Unit Price


Means HK$55 / individual package (inclusive for 2 boxes & $10 for each additional box) for delivery on 15 Aug, 2022 to 31 Aug, 2022; HK$65 / individual package (inclusive for 2 boxes & $10 for each additional box) for delivery on 1 Sep, 2022 to 6 Sep, 2022 & 9 Sep, 2022. 


These Service Rules apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions and regulate this special delivery arrangement powered by GOGOX. These Service Rules apply exclusively to Service Orders requested and placed through the Channel between the Start Date and Cut-Off Date (both days inclusive), to be Picked-Up by or on the Pick-Up Date and delivered by or on the End Date (the Services).

By requesting the Services, you agree (either as a Merchant or Recipient, or anyone on your behalf and on behalf of any consignee of each Individual Package and anyone else with an interest in each Individual Package, as applicable) to be bound by these Service Rules and the Terms and Conditions.


Service Order Placement

You must place Service Orders through the Channel.

You should ensure every Service Order meets the Minimum Service Requirements. 

You acknowledge and agree that, where a Service Order does not meet the Minimum Service Requirements, GOGOX reserves the right to reject such Service Order and you may be asked to place such Service Order directly through the GOGOX mobile application.


You are responsible for providing to GOGOX by the Cut-Off Date all information necessary to ensure successful delivery, including but not limited to:

  1. Recipient name(s);
  2. Pick-Up address(es);
  3. Delivery address(es);
  4. contact number(s) of each recipient; and
  5. such other information reasonably requested by GOGOX. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed by GOGOX in writing, Service Orders placed after the Cut-Off Date will not be accepted.
  • After a Service Order is placed, GOGOX will check if any of the Individual Package(s) are intended to be delivered to an address within the Non-Serviced Areas. If that is the case, GOGOX reserves the right to reject such Service Order or to arrange Pick-Up for the relevant Individual Package(s) that are not governed by these Service Rules. 
  • By placing the Service Order, you acknowledge and agree that you are offering GOGOX the opportunity to provide the Services, and GOGOX will only be deemed to have accepted your Service Order upon GOGOX’s written confirmation of acceptance.


    1. GOGOX will use reasonable endeavors to contact each Recipient prior to Delivery and to schedule a mutually agreed time of Delivery. 
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, GOGOX will attempt Delivery whether or not the Recipient is contactable prior to Delivery.
  • If a Recipient is not present to receive an Individual Package at the Delivery address at the time of scheduled Delivery, the relevant GOGOX delivery partner will:
      1. if another person is present at the Delivery address, pass the Individual Package to such person and take appropriate proof of delivery, and the Merchant acknowledge and agree that such Delivery shall be considered a successful Delivery;
  • if no person is present at the Delivery address, attempt to contact the Recipient, and:
  • if the Recipient can be contacted, upon receiving the Recipient’s verbal or written instruction and consent, place the Individual Package at the recipient’s doorstep, management office counter, or such other reasonable place agreed with the Recipient and take a photo for proof, and the Merchant acknowledges and agrees that such Delivery shall be considered a successful Delivery; or
  • if a Recipient cannot be contacted, such Delivery will be considered a failed Delivery and the relevant GOGOX delivery partner will leave the Delivery address immediately and contact GOGOX’s customer service team for further instructions, and the Merchant acknowledges and agrees that GOGOX shall not be liable for any such failed Delivery; and
  • Upon notice of a failed Delivery, GOGOX’s customer service team will obtain handling instructions from the Merchant. The Merchant agrees that it shall provide all reasonable assistance to GOGOX including providing reasonable handling instructions in a timely manner to GOGOX in order to deal with all such failed Deliveries. Upon the Merchant’s instructions, GOGOX will, subject to availability and GOGOX’s service capacity, either arrange redelivery or return of the relevant Individual Package(s) to the Merchant on the same day at no extra cost.

GOGOX reserves the right to postpone or reschedule Delivery due to traffic conditions or adverse weather conditions until normal traffic resumes and/or when the weather permits. Such postponement will be communicated to you as soon as possible and you acknowledge and agree that such postponement shall not be construed as a failure by GOGOX to deliver the Individual Packages.


The Merchant must ensure that each Individual Package clearly displays the:

  • Service Order ID number (which will be provided by GOGOX);
  • Delivery address;
  • Recipient’s name; and
  • Recipient’s contact number.
  • there is sufficient packaging inside and on each Individual Package to guard against any spill over, leakage and/or possible contamination of the Individual Packages by its contents or by external elements. 


Merchants must pay GOGOX the Deposit before they can request the Service. The Deposit will be used to guarantee payment of any balances owed to GOGOX.

The Deposit (after deducting any unsettled balances, if any) will be refunded to the Merchant within 14 days after the full invoice amount is received by GOGOX.

The delivery charges will be billed in one lump sum. “Cash on Delivery” payment by the Recipient is not applicable in relation to the Services.

Merchants will receive an invoice setting out the Service Order details within 14 days from the End Date.

The Merchant shall pay the invoice amount within 14 days after the invoice issue date.


The Merchant acknowledges and agrees to pay GOGOX additional charges where the following occurs: 

HK$65 for each Individual Package where the Merchant has provided incorrect delivery information. Upon identification of incorrect delivery information, GOGOX will either arrange a re-delivery (where the correct delivery information can be supplied on a timely basis) or return of the Individual Package to the Merchant.

  • HK$65 for each change of delivery information on each Individual Package(s) after the Service Order has been placed and the delivery information has been provided. 
  • If the number of Individual Packages for a Service Order is less than the Minimum Service Requirements, GOGOX will charge the Merchant as if the Service Order contains the requisite number of Individual Packages that satisfy the Minimum Service Requirements.
  • Extra HK$20 for each Individual Package with either the pick-up address or delivery address within the Remote Area list. Extra HK$40 for each Individual Package with both the pick-up address and delivery address within the Remote Area list


The GOGOX Cargo Compensation Promise applies to each individual package Service transited through the Services.


You acknowledge and agree that GOGOX’s ability to complete the Service Order is dependent on your full and timely cooperation and GOGOX shall not be held liable for any delay or mistake due to your fault or delay.


The Services are subject to availability and GOGOX reserves the right to impose a daily quota based on service demand. GOGOX reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate, whether in whole or part, any and all Services without prior notice and at GOGOX’s absolute discretion.


The original text of these guidelines is in English. In the event of any inconsistency between the English text and any foreign language translation of these Service Rules, the English text shall prevail.