Why are logistics so important for E-commerce?


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With the increase in the popularity of e-shops and delivery companies, the demand of logistics to e-commerce business also keeps growing rapidly.
Companies are facing more and more challenges every day. The roadmap from getting stocks in warehouses or distribution centres, to deliver the hand of our customers.
That’s undeniable that logistics play a significant role in growing e-commerce business, as it is the crucial factor to determine how well they can retain customers, and enhance their purchasing experience.

The demand for truck service-
In/out warehouses and distribution centres

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From the perspective of sellers, you face hundreds or thousands transaction every day, how are you going to provide a reliable and fast delivery service? That fulfillment needs to go through several processes.
Companies choose third-party logistics providers and usually, with the truck service, they can get stocks from warehouses and then to the distribution centre.
With truck service, e-commerce companies ensure certain amount of stocks are being distributed every day so as to fulfil the logistics needs.

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Fulfil customers instant needs

GOGOVan Delivery

Big e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay, Shopify provides different logistics solution to fulfil customer instant gratification and improve their shopping experience.
E-commerce companies provide on-demand delivery, 4-hours delivery and same-day delivery to WOW the customers. Next-day delivery and express delivery would also be the logistics solution, but time-defined is not as guaranteed as the previous three solutions.
Therefore, companies need to get ready for the different delivery solution and ensure efficient and safe logistics provided.
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