Why should you move your stylish furniture with GOGOVan?


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“I want GOGOVan help me to move my sofa and wardrobe! “

We believed many flat movers will encounter troubles when they move furniture. For example, they need their furniture to be delivered immediately or within the same day, the quoting price is too expensive, things may damage during delivery period……Now let’s see why you need GOGOVan move your stylish furniture.

1. Reliable service

When you meet any obstacle in the aspect of delivery,  GOGOVan’s strong customer service team is always ready to help. Just dial to our customer service hotline. In addition, after completing the order, customers can rate driver’s performance (rate on a scale of 1-5 star). The rating helps us to review drivers and we guarantee our customers can enjoy a reliable and satisfied moving.

2. Quick response time 

You bought a new awesome wardrobe and want to quickly settle into your home? But from past experience, the furniture store may take few days to deliver your new item. That’s why you need GOGOVan to move your stylish furniture. Whenever you need to hire delivery services from us, you can hire a van with few taps which enhance responsiveness. Meanwhile, driver will connect you shortly after you place your order. You can finish the whole delivery within an hour.

3. On-demand service

You can make your last minute moving decision with GOGOVan. We provide last minute furniture moving service without any hassle. With on-demand moving service, our registered driver can help to deliver your furniture anywhere and anytime. You can get a quote from driver for the moving service, but don’t forget price may differ as every moving requirement is different.
We provide on-demand or same day delivery service to move your gifts. We will provide reliable, quick and efficient delivery services. Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website (CALL TO ACTION) or place an order through APP  (iTunes / Play Store).  

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