4 Misconceptions of On-demand Delivery

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On-demand delivery service has the potential to fundamentally change the way we shop. It facilitates online shop users to meet the instant shopping gratification and desire. Many retail shops nowadays have online stores to satisfy this by using on-demand delivery service.

However, we generally think that fast delivery service may cost extra or causing hassle. After reading this blog, you’ll change the idea how you perceive same-day delivery. Plus, GOGOVan on-demand delivery service can greatly alter your delivery experience in a positive way.

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 Misconception 1. Pricing


Now, everyone wants to enjoy the instant shopping gratification. On-demand or same-day delivery service can definitely satisfy your delivery desire.
Yet, the common misconception regarding on-demand delivery service is that you would be charged higher in order to get the fastest delivery service.

The fact is that, GOGOVan does not have surged or fluctuated pricing, allowing you to have less frustrating delivery experience. You can simply to hire a van or truck with few taps through our web or app.

Misconception 2. Huge Logistics Cost
GOGOVan_Transportation cost

If your company or your business do not own a fleet, they would have to employ another courier or delivery service company. Because of the urgency, on-demand delivery service may involve expedited shipping.
With the help of GOGOVan, companies do not need to pay expedited shipping so that they can eliminate the expensive shipping expenses. GOGOVan offers fixed and transparent prices, businesses can easily manage their budget towards delivery services.

Misconception 3. No promising service

GOGOVan_promising service
If you wish to deliver a mattress, but at the time of choosing, traditional delivery services might not provide a flexible time. Even they have confirmed the delivery time, but the service always let your customers wait and they have no idea when the delivery man will arrive.
However, thanks to technology, you can now hire a van in the specific time and we promise to secure your goods can be delivered on time to the destinations. In fact, many online shoppers and e-commerce now rely heavily on on-demand delivery service for customer fulfilment.

Misconception 4. Full of hassle


To fulfil your customers’ instant gratification, you might think arranging a rushed on-demand delivery service is a hassle. You cannot easily or randomly ask deliveryman to fulfil customer requests. You might ask, am I need to place order few days in advance?
This is not applicable to GOGOVan on-demand delivery service.
You can plan whenever and wherever you want. Time decision is totally under your control and flexible in order to have the most satisfied delivery experience. 

We provide on-demand, same day delivery and booking delivery services.We can help you move furniture, decorations, renovation tools, etc to your new home. We will provide reliable, quick and efficient services, so as to allow you the flexibility to book a van or truck on-demand. 

Want to know more about us, you can go to visit the website. You can also download our on-demand app (iTunes / Play Store), and place a booking order.
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