4 Flower types you should consider in 2019 Valentine's Day


Boys and girls, get ready for 2.14 Valentine’s Day countdown!
Couples are not scrimping on love this day, spending on average thousands of money to celebrate. It’s important to consider the preferences of your girlfriend before planning any celebration. If you still need more inspiration, here are the top four flowers suggestions given on this holiday and some tips.



It’s not surprised roses are the top choice of the flower lists for the lovers.
Roses are unique and classic with distinctive meaning and aroma. It represents true love, romance, passion and beauty. In addition, floral shops offer different colour of roses, meaning red roses aren’t the only option. There must have a perfect flower bouquet to fit your lover.
However, this iconic flower is also pricey, so that boys may consider the following flower choice.

2.Dried Flower Bouquet

Fresh flowers have many virtues and hidden meaning, yet, their lifespan is very short.
Boys, you may now consider dried flowers bouquets – a common method to preserve fresh flowers and make them long-lasting.
Dried flower bouquets need to dehydrate naturally and undergo a colouration to regain their original appearance. Their branches or stems may still break easily or colour will gradually fade.  
However, dried flower bouquet can preserve longer than fresh flowers. Normally they can keep for half to one year.  

3.Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers
In past 2 years, preserved flowers become more popular. They are displayed sophistically with a glass jar. Those flowers can maintain a completely natural appearance. The price varies but preserved flowers are excellent value for money. It can also last for at least a year, or even 5 years.

Get her well-preserved flowers this year, let your love stay forever.

4.Strawberry Bouquets

Strawberry bouquet

You may be heard of broccoli bouquets. It’s a bit weird, right? How about Strawberry bouquets?
Strawberry bouquets can still be wrapped beautifully with dried flowers and some decorations. Bright Red strawberries are like fresh roses, but you don’t need to waste it, you can just eat them.
Have a new try this year. Just one friendly reminder. Not every girl like this innovative idea, make sure you know your lover’s preferences perfectly well in advance.
Want a memorable Valentine’s day? Boys, you need to be aware of the following few points.
1) Know the best time to deliver
As Valentine’s day is on Wednesday this year, boys can deliver flowers to her office in the morning at 9a.m.-12n.n. or after lunch period at 2-4pm.

2) Write a correct name of recipients
A company may have several colleagues with same names. If you deliver flowers to her office, you must write her name clearly to avoid any embarrassing situation.
3) Know the size of bouquets
Not every girl likes to hold a big bunch of flowers. In particular, it’s very inconvenient to take a flower bouquet during the off-office hour. Therefore, you should know her taste and preference well. A small bunch of flowers she can hold in hand may also suit her.  

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